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How To Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally


How To Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally. Having Unwanted hair on the face is a common problem as it affects both men and women. Most of the remedies for hair removal are not expensive and easy to make. Yet, getting rid of hair removal is not always possible.

There are several hair removals products available at your store or grocery store. Some people have sensitive cases to be treated by a doctor or with medicine. Most of the cases women have hair on your, it could be caused by a medical problem and should be consulted with a specialist doctor.

Statistics collected from hirsutism — also identify as excessive hair in particular areas where it observed — affects about 5-10% of women of all ages. It doesn’t matter the health; we all use tweezers on our faces to look gorgeous. We always avoid painful methods of facial hair removal — primarily, some less painful ways can be found right in your kitchen!

Bright Side made a list of the most effective remedies for removing facial hair that you can use easily from the comfort of your own home.

But sticking to natural remedies won’t damage your sensitive facial skin, like all those remedies that promise instant results. If you have any allergic, it might have any side effects. Consult with your doctor if you have any skin allergic.

Expert 6 Best Tips How To Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally

1. Green Gram and Rose Water

Ingredients Details:

· 2-spoons of green gram flour

· 1-spoon of rose water

· 1-spoon of lemon juice

How to Prepare:

1. Put above green gram flour and rose water as described volume in a bowl and mix them thoroughly.

2. Add lemon juice to the resulted mixture.

How to Usage to Get Rid of Facial Hairs:

1. Apply the resulted paste on the affected areas of your skin.

2. Leave it for about 25 minutes or until it’s scorched.

3. Remove the mask by rubbing with fingers.

Repeat: Try three times a week.

Conclusion: Green gram flour is exfoliating properties, and when mixed with rose water, it serves to restrain hair growth.

Suitable for: all skin types

2. Honey and Sugar


· 1 – spoon of honey

· 2 – spoons of sugar

· 1 – spoon of water

Preparation Of Remedy:

1. Put all the ingredients together into a bowl above mention volume.

2. Place the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds until the sugar dissolves with all liquids.

How to Use this Remedy:

1. Apply the resulted paste at your face at unwanted hair area only.

2. Keep the strip over the applied mixture area and let it cool for a couple of seconds.

3. Now Uproot the strip in the reverse direction in which your hair is growing.

Repeat this Remedy: as often as wanted.

Results: This peel-off mask lifts all unwanted hair immediately and quite exfoliates dead skin cells.

Suitable for: It works all skin types

3. Oatmeal and Banana


· 2-spoons of oatmeal

· 1-ripe of banana

How to Prepare:

1. Mash banana into a paste then blends oatmeal in a bowl with mashed banana.

How to Use this Remedy:

1. Apply the resulted paste on unwanted hair areas and rub it in a circular motion.

2. Leave the paste for 20 minutes and wash it off using cold water.

Repeat this remedy: 2 times a week.

Results: Oatmeal has a grainy texture, which makes it an excellent exfoliating agent to get rid of facial hair.

Suitable for: Helpful for all skin types

Expert 6 Best Tips How To Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally

4. Using Papaya and Turmeric


· 1- raw papaya

· Half teaspoon of turmeric powder

How to Prepare:

1. After peel of making small slices of papaya.

2. Further, Mash the pieces to form a paste.

3. The resulted from paste mix with turmeric powder.

How to Usage this Remedy:

1. Use the resulted paste at your face on unwanted hair area only.

2. Gently Massage your skin at first, and then leave the mask for 20 minutes.

3. Wash it off after 20 minutes using warm water.

Repeat this remedy: 2 times a week

Results: Papain is a protein found in raw papaya, disintegrates the cuticle of human hair, and makes it fall out naturally.

Suitable for: it can use to all skin types

5. Egg and Cornstarch


· 1- egg

· 1/2 spoon of cornstarch

· 1 spoon of sugar


1. Put the white after cracking it into a bowl.

2. Add sugar and cornstarch into the bowl and mix thoroughly to make a smooth paste.

How to Usage this Remedy:

1. Apply the resulted paste to your face only unwanted facial area and leave for 25 minutes.

2. Once the paste feels hard enough, grasp it, and rip it off.

Repeat this Remedy: 3 times a week.

Results: Egg whites firmly stick to your facial hairs and plucks them as correctly as store-bought wax.

Suitable for: all skin types excluding acne-prone and sensitive skin.

6. Gelatin and Milk


· 1-spoon of unflavored gelatin powder

· 3-spoons of whole milk

· Few drops of lemon juice

How to Prepare this Remedy:

1. Mix gelatin, milk, and lemon juice in a bowl.

2. Keep the bowl of mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds.

How to Usage this Remedy:

1. Once you remove the mixture from the microwave after 20 seconds, keep it to get cool for a few seconds, then apply it unwanted hair area to your face.

2. Leave the mask on your face about 5 minutes, then remove it with the help of your fingers.

Repeat:   Try this remedy as often as needed.

Results: The mask is extremely sticky and can peel off all the unwanted hairs instantly. It can also help you to get rid of unwanted hairs, blackheads, and dead skin cells.

Suitable for: This remedy is ideal for all skin types except sensitive and acne-prone ones.

How To Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally


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