Just Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House


Just burn a bay leaf in your house. The reason? You will want to try this right after reading this. The modern world is full of enjoyment and options to explore the world but in addition, the worst thing that no one can ignore is stress and anxiety prevailing in the modern world.

Nowadays relaxation and self-timer are almost non-existent in our lifestyles. However, in some busy and modern cities, people are committing suicide just because of overly burdened with workloads. Obviously, such a routine will end you up in stress, tension, and many other health-related issues.

Commonly it’s said that a healthy body posses a healthy mind and healthy mind functions exponentially better than a stressed and pressure mindset. Whatever the reason might be for your stress it’s not even possible to remove all the stress from the lives at once but one thing you can do for sure is that make your environment relaxing and soothing.

You might have observed while attending a massage or spa session at elite parlors that they have some soothing and relaxing smells around. Actually, it’s a healing technique that is practiced in these areas.

They set up the environment from color combination to the sitting positions and also the aromas in these areas that make you feel relax just after you step in there. It’s a business tactic that you want to visit these areas as soon as you are tired and stressed.

Unfortunately, those soothing spa sessions are not affordable for an average person who is dam stressed at a moment. Therefore I am going to share with you some techniques that will set up your home/office environment also as relaxing as the spa sessions.

  1. Bay leaves:

Bay leaves are a common herb that originates from the Mediterranean and very effective in relieving stress. It’s available in the market at a very cheap price and usually used to provide aroma and flavor to your food. In addition, it also used in aromatherapy, herbal treatments, and many other health issues.


  • Take fresh or dry bay leaves and burn them on the fire and put them in the ashtray.
  • Leave the ashtray in the room and close the blinds and doors of the room.
  • Come back after 10 minutes and feel an instantly relaxed environment in the room.
  • You can use this technique even if you are asthmatic but make sure that you don’t inhale any fumes.
  1. Chamomile:

It’s a well-known ingredient known for its calming and soothing effect. You can buy a different product with this aroma and keep it in the workplace and put some drops of it in the pillowcase or apply it to the artificial flowers in the office or bedroom. You can take a chamomile scented candle in the bathroom before taking a bath.

  1. Greenery:

The green color is known for its calming and healing effects. You might notice that even in hospitals doctors in the Theatres are wearing usually this color as it gives a positive feeling. So if you are not feeling relax insert some greens in your room or workplace. However, you can also add some indoor plants in the house that will give you relaxation and soothing effects.

Just Burn a Bay Leaf



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